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24 Jul 2016

Ήλιος - Helios

Illustration by Marta Santos

‘I always take the sun here with me, loaded in this trailer, in case that light is needed.’ The girl asserted solemly. Her gaze speaking to the ground. It looked like I was not there by her side.
‘And what if it turns off?’ I whispered trying to be polite.
‘Don’t be naïve. I also bring matches to turn it on again.’

I remained silent. That was an unquestionable truth, there was nothing else to add. Then I stood up and realized that the grass had dyed mi dress green. I sighed with resignation. Having to live constantly cleaning stains had started to bother me.

I strolled for a while taking short steps, watching her. Her white dress seemed to become pink with the breeze blows, but that was just my impression. What I was sure about is that her body was small. She was sitting by the lake side, holding in her fingers a thin string ended at a plastic wheeled drawer. There was no sun in there, but I would not be the one denying it. It was a beautiful imagery.

She stood up all of a sudden.
‘I have to go. Mum is waiting for me.’

The question started to hammer into my head. Containment and willingness to speak started a battle inside my brain. The epic, eternal battle repeated everyday before every situation. This time won the willingness to speak.

‘Do you know the little Prince?’

She didn’t hesitate.
‘Of course. And also his rose. But I can not tell you the story now. I have to go.’

That statement could not end up there. I needed more. So I grabbed the empty plastic drawer.

‘Please wait. Just one thing.’
‘My mother is waiting!’
‘Just tell me if it is true that he lives between the stars.’
She smiled and pulled his plastic drawer to take it out of my hands.

‘Don’t I live there also?’

‘But the little Prince... he might have died. He stayed in the dessert during the night, alone, with a snake, and then disappeared.’

This time I made her laugh loud.
‘How bizarre! How could he die? Nobody really dies ever. This is just a game.’

After she said this, she lifted the plastic drawer and held it in her arms. She started to walk towards the forest, covering it up like a baby. Little by little she disappeared between the trees. When she was gone, everything was a bit darker.

Then I realized that she was right. 

There was a sun in the drawer, but I just couldn’t see it.


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