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21 Apr 2016

Dissolving wounds

Photo by Marta Santos
I didn't know how, but the glass covering my skin broke. Blood, fire and life flowed from that place where I no longer lived, and blew it all out into pieces. What a mess. Now I had to wash it all!
But I was very happy.

I took the broom and began to sweep hard. At last it seemed that shadows had also been broken with glass. Dragging crystals on the floor, throwing them into the dust bin. What a relief! What a joy! I was even whistling.

But... Something was wrong. A few drops of blood were staining crystals. They were of an intense red colour. They were recent.

I looked at my arm. There they were. I looked at my legs. It was like a plague. My belly, my back, my scalp. There was not a place where they were not.

I burst into tears. I covered my face with my hands; I didn't want anybody to watch me. Anyway, the pain soon started to call me. I had to remove them.

So I started to remove needles, one by one. Then blood flew stronger, like vermilion rivers flowing into the floor. I couldn't take care of the wounds at that moment, first I had to remove all the needles.

I went across that death desert all alone.

When I had finished, I felt that light again. The same light which had broken glass, it was covering me up again. It descended from the sky in a golden glow. It covered it all, softened pain up and dissolved it in the air. It encouraged me with its omnipresent embrace. That light was always there, giving me strength, bursting from the inside and from the sky, dissolving me too, in the purest and most beautiful love song ever.

Only then, wounds started to heal. Without plasters, without bandages. They were simply disappearing. Back to their place, life.

I breathed.

I ran, I sang, I shouted.

I breathed.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rains.
Fire, earth, air, water.

I breathed again.

I cried.


I was born.

My skin was now made of flesh.
In future I would be able to feel each needle poked to my skin. Each needle I couldn't feel before because of the glass. Now I could remove them all at the moment of the puncture. I could feel the golden light again. That light would be the only thing able to dissolve needles poken by those who poke needles all the time. Those who never feel punctures because of their stone skin. What a pity. I hope at least some day they will have a chance to wear glass skin. It's much more beautiful.


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