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20 Apr 2016

A bouquet

Illustrated by Marta Santos

In flower's language, daisy means innocence.

Your wounds don't hurt me.

We've got the same heart.
I want us to live in peace
under the same sky.
Any excuse is good to fly.

In flower's language, red rose means passionate love.

Wrap me, smile to me, make me sweat.
I want to feel you.
Rob me of my breathing by kissing me.
Get into my deepest being.
Marry me. I love you.

In flower's language, gardenia means happiness.

How much beauty!

How beautiful is the world!
It is wonderful to be alive,
to feel the wind on my face, blood in my veins,
my heart beating.

In flower's language, carnation means nobleness.

I won't treat you the same way you have treated me.
Let's forget the pain, let's forget resentment.
I will forgive you. We don't deserve this.
I will never make fun of you, even if you fall.
I respect who you are.

In flower's language, yellow tulip means desperate love.

I love you.
Give me your love.
I live for you, I breath for you, I'm nothing without you.
I will do anything to keep you by my side.

In flower's language, camellia means friendship.

Through ages, 

the same bond is connecting us.
Through seas, through mountains.
We will meet again when the time comes.
Wind flows through us.


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